Release news Naviate for Revit

Naviate Accelerate December Release 2022.1.3

Updates in Naviate Accelerate. Highlights include new features Create Empty Sheets, Add Type Images and functionality for Offline Usage. Improvements to Create Sheets from Views and Edit Sheet Parameters.

Naviate Accelerate December Release 2022.1.3

Changes is available in version 2022.1.3

New! Offline Usage

Activate and use Naviate on computers without internet access.

You can now activate a single user license and use Naviate without being connected to internet. The offline activation is made using a new feature, Symetri Offline Activation, that needs to be installed on the computer to activate the license.

Read more here how to download Symetri Offline Activation and activate a license offline: 

I you start Naviate while off-line you are not required to login using Symetri SSO. Any licenses that is available for offline use for current Windows user will be used by Naviate. That include:

  • An offline activated Single User license
  • A Single User license that has been activated and used online during the past month
  • A Trial license that has been activated online and still are active (trial period hasn’t expired)

When starting Naviate while online you are required to login using Symetri SSO and the licenses assigned to your account will be used.

New! Create Empty Sheets

Create empty or Placeholder Sheets using an existing Sheet as template.

This new feature is located in “Manage Sheets & Views” menu bar, replacing “Specify number of drawings” option in “Create Multiple Sheets”.

Either choose to create several empty Sheets with title block, name and start number from selected Sheet or create Placeholder sheets only using name and start number from the template.

Empty Sheets will show up in Project Browser. Placeholder Sheets will only show up in a Sheet List but can be used when creating a new Sheet in Revit.

New! Add Type Images

Easily add Type Images to families in the project for use in Schedules.

This new feature, located in “Manage Project” menu bar let you add Type Images to parametric families in the project in an easy way without using the Family Editor. You can either create and use a preview image for each type or select images to use.

Start by pre-selecting family instances in the model or by selecting Family Types in Project Browser. Then Start the new “Add Type Images” feature.

When using the Preview image option; the feature will create a preview image for each type using the view defined as “Thumbnail Preview” on the family.

Once you have type images on your families you can create a schedule including Type Images. Images will be displayed when placing the Schedule on a Sheet.

Create Sheets from Views

Create Sheets with multiple Views using an existing Sheet as template.

We have extended and renamed the “Create Sheet from Plan Views” tool make it easy to create sheets from all kinds of views and create sheets with different view types on it. With these changes this feature replaces the “Select Views” option in “Create Multiple Sheets”.

Main features are:

  • Select an existing Sheet as template to use for the new Sheets by choosing from all Sheets in the project or any linked project
  • See a preview of the selected Sheet template
  • Select views to create new sheets for based on view types on selected Sheet template
  • Automatic assign of view to the sheets if you for example want to create sheets for a big number of sections quickly
  • Easy to use manual assignment of views to each individual sheet

The Rearrange dialog box allow you to use Drag & Drop to move views so that they are placed on correct Sheet.

Edit Sheet Parameters

Align Title Blocks placement on Sheets.

You can now make sure the title blocks are aligned on a selection of Sheets before you start aligning the views/viewports on the Sheet.

Bug fixes

  • Publish IFC files: Now supports User Setups created or changed in Revit 2022.1
  • Publish IFC Files: Now supports using geometry settings from the selected view
  • Edit Parameters: Fixed issue with parameters missing on an instance not set as read only
  • Edit Parameters: Fixed issue with linked Revit projects in closed worksets
  • Filter Elements: Fixed issue with using unsupported characters when saving a selection
  • Filter Elements: Fixed issue with filtering using Function parameter
  • 3D Zone: Added support for Railings
  • Project Cleanup: Fixed issue with Delete Views not on Sheet option deleted views placed on sheets using callouts
  • Provisions for voids: Fixed issue with importing System(Discipline) from IFC file
  • Align IFC Links: Fixed issue with sorting checked/unchecked links
  • Licensing: Fixed Issue with unassigned single licenses caused No valid license message 1 month after deactivation
  • SSO Login: Fixed threading issue that could appear on single computers