Release news Naviate for Revit

Naviate Accelerate March Release 2022.1.4

Updates in Naviate Accelerate. Highlights include improvements to Cloud Browser, Type Selection and SOSI Import.

Naviate Accelerate March Release 2022.1.4

Changes is available in version 2022.1.4

Cloud Browser


Easier to change Main Category and values in filter lists.

We have changed the Main Category selection to allow one Main Category to be selected at the same time. This mean that you do not have to select and deselect when changing to another main category and the search starts at once when you click.

Same change is made to the lists for the additional filters. But in these lists, you can select multiple values by pressing Ctrl or Shift when clicking. The search start when Ctrl/Shift is released if you want to select multiple values.

Type selection

Select types when loading or updating families with external type definitions.

You can now select what types to load when using Load icon on families with external type definitions (families with Types defined in an external .txt file). Before all Types were loaded and you only had the possibility to select types when inserting using drag and drop.

You can now also load additional types or update the family if the family already exists in the project.

SOSI Import

Available in the Norwegian version only.

Import multiple SOSI files in one operation without specifying settings for each file.

After you have selected what SOSI-files to import you will now get the SOSI Import dialog box once where you can select to import from all selected files.


  • Edit Parameters: Fixed issue that some parameters like View Templates show no value
  • Edit Parameters: Fixed issue that you sometimes did not get question about saving your changes when closing the tool
  • Edit Parameters: Increased stability when switching from Categories to Schedules
  • Export to Excel: Fixed issue that some parameters like View Templates show no value
  • Filter Elements: Fixed issues with filtering on parameter values using "Does not" conditions
  • Create Empty Sheets: Improved stability when no Sheets in the project
  • Create Sheets: Allow using any type of Plan views or both Section and Elevation views
  • Publish: Improved stability when trying to print unsupported view types
  • Licensing: More correct messages for missing license
  • Cloud Browser: Improved messages when no internet connection