Release news Naviate for Revit

Naviate Accelerate October Release

Updates in Naviate Accelerate. Highlights include Cloud Content Manager.

Naviate Accelerate October Release

Changes is available in version 2023.1.2

Cloud Content Manager

UI changes for improved user experience.

We renamed the control add filters for Category, Family Group, Family Host and Parameters and fixed and issue with filtering on Family Host.


Changes available in 2023.1.2

  • Licensing: Fix support for coming changes on Symetri License Portal


Changes available in 2023.1.2 and 2022.1.5

  • Shared Elevation: Fixed an issue with Generic Model elements getting wrong Top and Bottom elevation
  • Publish: Fixed issue when using a Sheet List including sheets from linked files that have the RVT Link: Name field hidden
  • Edit Parameter Values: Fixed and issue with NUMBER parameters not showing decimals
  • Edit Parameter Values: Changed Instance Count field to be read-only
  • Update Project: Fixed an issue that prevented updaters to run on Save for non workshared cloud models
  • Create Dependent Views: Fixed an issue with wrong kind of Plan View created if there are View Types with same name
  • Create Sheets: Fixed an issue with populating some parameters on new Sheets when using Fill Increment option
  • Project Cleanup: Fixed issue with an error showing when trying to clean up project with settings created in earlier versions
  • Excel Import: Improved stability when importing schedules from Excel with special characters in their name
  • Update Sheet Revision Parameters: Improved stability when closing the tool using Cancel


Changes available in 2022.1.5

  • Publish: Fixed issue with printing Sheets from linked files if the Name of link instance was changed to include a space
  • Place View on Sheets: Fixed issue with projects containing Assembly Views
  • Create Sheets: Fixed an issue related to having multiple instances of same link
  • Renumber: Fixed issue with using the tool to Renumber Areas in a View without color scheme
  • 3D Zones: Improved stability in tools creating and using 3D Zones
  • All applications: Fixed issue when having too many add-ins with own Ribbon Tabs (Revit has a limitation of 20 custom tabs)
  • Multiple tools: Fixed issue with losing saved settings when doing Undo directly after a tool is used for the first time when a model is upgraded from earlier Revit version.
  • Update Project: Configure button for Shared Coordinates now works even though all categories have been unselected
  • Edit Parameter Values: Fixed issue that some read-only parameters where listed when filtering on Editable parameters
  • SOSI Import (Norwegian version only): Fixed issue when running import after removing coordinates from CQOrigio parameter
  • Edit Sheet Parameters (UK version): Parameters named Revision are no longer filtered out in the UK version