Release news Naviate for Revit

Naviate Architecture October Release

Updates in Naviate Architecture. Highlights include Manage unique identifyers for door and window locked marks.

Naviate Architecture October Release

Changes is available in version 2023.1.2

Manage unique identifiers

Reworked and improved UI and UX when managing locked and excluded unique identifiers on doors and windows.

Main new features:

  • Improved overview of your door/window unique identifiers in the UI
  • More detailed information about the status of the unique identifiers
  • More intuitive control when locking or excluding unique identifiers
  • Display of pre-selected elements supported
  • Added filtering functionalities
  • Improved how we compact/reuse unique identifiers that are not used in the project

We have also improved our report when updating doors/windows, and you can now see a more detailed overview about how many unique identifiers that have been updated, locked, excluded, reverted or not changed.


Changes available in version 2023.1.2

  • Licensing: Fix support for coming changes on license portal
  • Door&Window Swing Count: Fixed a UI issue with wrong naming


Changes available in version 2022.1.5

  • Reorder Doors & Windows: Fixed issue with inconsistent order of elements when reordering
  • Door & Window Drawings: Fixed UI/UX issue when selecting "empty" Door/Window schedules
  • Door & Window Drawings: Support for showing the same order of elements as defined in the selected schedule
  • Create Coverings: Fixed issue when elements with same type name are present in the element type selection drop-down
  • Pattern Editor: Fixed issue when selecting pattern lines
  • Import Point Files: Fixed issue when placing Survey Point Markers