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Naviate Landscape 2021.3 Release

Updates in Naviate Landscape. News and improvements include; Plant Data, Create Subsurface and Simplified Surface Breaklines.

Naviate Landscape 2021.3 Release

Naviate Landscape

Changes are available in 2021.3, 2020.13 and 2019.23. 


New, more competent command that creates a sub-surface-group. The command now creates a daylight slope from the original surface and creates a Datum/Formation-surface at the bottom that also slopes back up to the existing surface.

Simplified Surface Breaklines 

Creates Simplified Surface-Breaklines that are sampled from an existing ground surface to produce perpendicular 3dPolys at selected intervals along an Alignment. Add the created breaklines to a new Simplified Surface that then has less triangles than e.g. the Point Cloud Surface, and then works more smoothly when creating Surface Solids or using Naviate Volume calculation etc.

Plant Data

Changed the color for highlighting the mandatory rows and added a warning when using Remove.


Naviate General

Changes are available in 2021.3, 2020.13 and 2019.23.

Update Properties 

Updates Naviate Property formula calculations in all property sets on selected objects. 
Update properties

Nudge Solid

Unions two solids, but if Naviate (AutoCAD) fails to union them, Naviate nudges (moves) the second solid in selected direction, by an entered Nudging value, eventually several times, until Naviate succeeds to union them. The Nudging Factor is used to multiply the Nudging Distance every time Naviate fails to union.

Export Corridor (NVCorPXY)

Changed the placement for the translation file to make it more user friendly. Added NaviateExcludeCodes.txt to be able to exclude codes to export.
Export corridor

Select objects with property

Select objects with property: added a button to View Data which opens Naviate Property. 

Naviate Property

Naviate Property: added Zoom To and Select to move and view the different objects while still in the dialog. Also added possibility to search for 0 to find objects without added information in a property.

Match Properties

Updated and cleaned up the dialog box

Union Solid

Now filters out 0-solids and can now handle any property sets.

Paste Properties 

Added Property Filter option. 

Copy Properties 

Added error messages on the commandline.  

Verify Assembly

Now refers to Change Assembly Path as a solution for Assemblies with faulty search paths.

Export to CSV

If appending or overwriting an existing CSV-file, the command now checks that the columns about to be exported, match the columns in the file and warns if not.