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Naviate Road 2022.1 Release

Updates in Naviate Road. News and improvements include; Solids from Shape, Navisworks Views, Subtract Solid and more.


Naviate Road 2022.1 Release

Naviate Road

Changes are available in 2022.1

Solids from Shape

Added toggle button "Set Property" where you can select a property in the current Property Set and then enter the value to set.

Subtract Solid

Updated with the option to subtract from multiple solids.

Navisworks Views

Now exports views with Sectioning (Slicing plane) in Navisworks.

Update Corridor Settings

Commands for Update Assembly and Update Corridor Settings is now possible to script run in Autodesk Batch Save Utility.

Solids from Link

Fixed an issue where Write to File doesn't warn if the file is open.

Add Featureline Label Group

Fixed an issue where the label on the second to last station is placed wrongly.

Update Featureline Label Group

Fixed and issue where the command adds labels to all corridors in the drawing.

Volume in Interval

Updated to work better with large data sets.

Solids from Shape

Fixed an issue where shapes are not created if points are on the same X/Y.

Slice Solid

Fixed an issue where the command fails if the surface style doesn't display Border.


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