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Naviate Simple BIM release 2022.1.0

Take your BIM workflow to a new level with Bimsheet and Location Editing. Import IFC models for edits, enrichment and more. Export a new IFC model, or exchange model data with Excel.



Naviate Simple BIM release 2022.1.0

Naviate Simple BIM has new features! Read below for an overview and next steps.


You can drag and drop data to link it with your existing Excel calculations. These can then be visualised in 3D by selecting a cell with a sum in your Excel sheet.

You can at anytime change from Simple BIM to Excel and back, and save your Bimsheet logic for use with new versions of your model or in new projects.

With Bimsheet it's easy to enrich your model with new data. Save a Bimsheet from your model, open it in Excel and add the new data. Then open the edited Bimsheet in Naviate Simple BIM. The feature will merge your changes to the model, and you are now ready to save your enriched IFC file.


Location Editing

In constructions everything happens in a location. Communicating these can be difficult, as there is often an overlap and continuously edits. With Naviate Simple BIM you can model your own locations easily, and secure you always have the exact location information you need.

You can use 3D location prisms of any shape and form to add location information to objects inside these prisms. You can even have Naviate Simple BIM cut objects, like walls and slabs, at prism boundaries to create separate objects for each prism. With this release, you can now create, modify, move and copy these location prisms right inside Naviate Simple BIM.


Helmert transformation

Transform models to on-site coordinate systems for supporting site surveying. The transformed and trimmed models, can be used in total stations that can import IFC models.

Create Space Covering objects

Generate covering objects (IfcCovering) for spaces. These coverings can be used for accurate quantity calculations and for 4D simulations.

One covering object is created for each side of a space, and then connected to the building element that bounds the space on that side. The generated coverings have 3D geometry with openings, a relationship to the space and building elements, as well as calculated quantities. Information can be copied from the space and bounding element to the covering via templates. Coverings can be coloured and exported to IFC.


  • Stored Groups: Export groups, systems, classifications and more to IFC. You can now save your groups to be re-used with new versions of your models or in other projects.
  • Stored tables/Table menu: The menu lets you view, organise, visualise and calculate the data in your model. You can now save your tables to be re-used in new versions of your model or in other projects.
  • Configuration dialogue: You can have a configuration dialogue open in model view. You can also save favourites to the configuration dialogue for future easy access.
  • Drag and drop menu: Earlier hidden features for drag and drop has been replaces with a menu appearing when you drop objects