Release news Naviate for Revit

Naviate Simple BIM release 2022.6

Updates in Naviate Simple BIM. New feature Export to Excel and improvements to Column Chooser, Properties Palette, Table Palette, Basic Quantities, Location and templates.

Naviate Simple BIM release 2022.6

Updates available in version 2022.6

New! Export to Excel

Enable more straight forward legacy Excel export.

Column Chooser

Significant performance improvement in the filter functionality

Properties Palette

Shortcut keys added to all Copy Special commands

Table Palette

  • new option added for speaking all rows after tab change
  • functionality from menu added to the toolbar: Speak All Rows, Export Current Tab to Excel and Export all Tabs to Excel

Basic Quantities

Shadow area calculation disabled for very complex geometries


Direction locking option added to location prism modelling. You can now lock the direction of a modelling line by holding down the Shift key.


Copy options added for stairs and roofs


  • IFC Import: Duplicate Assembly Level property bug fixed
  • Groups: Bug fixed in saving/adding groups that use a Yes/No criteria
  • Basic Quantities: Missing quantity calculation fail reason added to slabs
  • Add Min and Max Elevation and Centre Point: Bug fixed in handling models with 2D geometry