Naviate Nexus Portal

Naviate Nexus Portal is a standardised communication platform for the construction industry to handle building classification codes. Naviate Nexus Portal can help make these standards a natural part of the construction process and not just a project requirement.

Standardise communication in projects with classification

Naviate Nexus Portal is a standardised communication platform by Naviate for the construction industry to handle building classification codes. The Nexus portal will deliver value to the entire value chain in the building construction industry, from early sketch to facility management and maintenance and operation.

Save time
Increase control of your data

Classification in few clicks

It’s easy to work with classification in Naviate Nexus Portal. You can structure a defined type of item (objects or documents) into classes and subclasses in accordance with their characteristics, and work in your preferred language. Multiple classification systems are supported, such as CCI, CSS, OmniClass, RICS, UNIClass, BIM Stockholm and Co-Class. You can control the project data quickly by classifying objects.

Optimise workflows

Enrich models with property, type and IDs for complete control

Work with standard and project properties in Naviate Nexus Portal or Revit. Take your project data and 3D models to the next level by creating and assigning Type, Instance and Location Identification (ID). The solution is live updated and accessible everywhere. Your data is stored in one secure digital platform.

Accessible anywhere

Trusted by professionals

Naviate Nexus Portal ensures insight and full transparency on the construction projects

With this new approach to start up the construction project, New OUH ensures data quality and fulfillment of all ICT requirements, thus creating new OUH from the start with full transparency with all stakeholders throughout all phases of the hospital construction. The initiative is based on a clear strategy to minimize the risk of errors and delays, and thereby support strict financial management on the largest turnkey contract in Danish history.

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