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Naviate Simple BIM version 2019.5.1

A new version of Naviate Simple BIM is now available for download with New Features and Enhancements. 3D Palette Model Merge IFC Import Property Editor Model Filter

Affects Naviate Structure latest update 2019.1.11

Some users on Naviate S for Revit, have experienced problems with Revit not starting after installing the latest update for Naviate S 2019.1.11

Free Access to Pinnacle Lite for Naviate Subscription Users

We are now offering access to Pinnacle Lite to all Naviate users. This means your users will have access to the Pinnacle Series for Autodesk as well as Naviate. For Naviate, new training material and instructions will be updated continuously.

Naviate Landuse

Updates in Naviate Landuse. Improvements to general tools such as sheet manager and quick print.

Naviate HVAC & Plumbing

Updates in Naviate HVAC & Plumbing. Improvements to general tools such as sheet manager and quick print.

Naviate Site & Landscaping

Updates in Naviate Site & Landscaping. Improvements to tools for placing points, editing patterns, importing point files and more.

Naviate Electrical

Updates in Naviate Electrical. Improvements to the draw cable tool, cable schedules, circuit numbering and more.

Naviate Rebar Extension

Updates in Naviate Rebar Extension. Improvements include the addition of 2 new tools: modify and delete.

Naviate Structure

Updates in Naviate Structure. Improvements include a more unified UI, 3 new tools and more.

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