Symetri e-learning

Your way to the best Naviate learning experience

Get the best learning experience with your Naviate

With Symetri e-learning you get support as a user to learn new functions at their own pace and thus increase productivity as well performance. In Naviate you will have direct access to these resources and our own support chat.

You will have easy access to:

  • A pop-up dialogue with resources on the features in Naviate
  • A direct link to the member portal and all resources available there
  • A chat button taking you directly to Naviate chat
  • Videos: explaining and showcasing use of different functions and shortcut
  • Search engine: making it easy to find the answer to a particular question
  • Mobile app: always-on access regardless of location
  • Suggestions for learning paths
  • Cheat sheets
  • Tips and tricks
  • Q&A


Learning opportunities for all skill levels with translation to local language.


Tag your most useful content for quick access when you need it.


Learn at your own pace with self-enrolment into courses and learning paths with access at any time.

Real-time assistance

Search when you're working to get answers to what you need help with in form of a video, workflow, or document and get back to work.

The products supported

The products included in Symetri e-learning and Pinnacle Lite, as well as those who are available.

Included Available
Naviate McNeel Grashopper/Rhino
Autodesk Bentley
Lumion Sketchup
Enscape Adobe
Bluebeam Health and Safety
V-Ray Management Skills


Comparison with Pinnacle Series

Below you can see a comparison between Pinnacle Lite and Pinnacle Series.

Platform features

Pinnacle Lite

Pinnacle Series

Search Yes Yes
Translations Yes Yes
Trending Yes Yes
Certificates Yes Yes
My assets Yes Yes
Autodesk plugin:
- Drive commands from Pinnacle
- Related learning topics
Yes Yes
My documents No Yes
Support No Yes
KnowledgeSmart integration No Yes
Reporting No Yes
Courses assigned by manager No Yes
Work groups No Yes
Notifications No Yes
Offline content No Yes
SSO/AD sync No Yes
Platform customisation:
- Branding
- Colours/fonts/theme
- Layout
No Yes
Content creation/upload/editing:
- Workflows
- Videos
- Documents
No Yes