Naviate Rebar Extension Features

Employ automation to efficiently produce reinforcements for structural components like beams, columns, and piles.

Automatic reinforcement generation

Simplify the task of creating reinforcement for structures such as beams, columns, and piles through automation.


Generate reinforcement for a rectangular cross-section of a beam in a Revit and Robot.


Generate reinforcement for rectangular and round cross-sections of an RC column in a Revit and Robot.

Continuous Footings

Generate reinforcement for a continuous footing in a Revit model. Reinforcement can be generated for Rectangular and Trapezoidal footing cross-sections.


Generate reinforcement of a parapet defined in a Revit model.

Pile caps

Generate reinforcement for either rectangular or triangular sections of a pile cap in a Revit model.


Generate reinforcement of a pile defined for a single pile or a group of piles positioned under the pile cap in a Revit model.

Retaining walls

Create reinforcements for retaining walls within a Revit model. Design the foundations to mirror the form of a standard retaining wall, and also for foundations under walls of various shapes, integrating both wall and foundation elements.

Slab corners

Generate reinforcement for corners of slabs in a Revit model.

Slab openings

Generate reinforcement for various types of slab openings in your Revit model, including rectangular openings, round openings, and rectangular openings adjacent to one or two slab edges.

Spread footings

Generate reinforcement of spread footing and adjoining columns in Revit and Robot.

Walls corners

Generate reinforcement of wall corners as defined in a Revit model. You can generate reinforcement for the following types of wall corners: wall corners, connection of walls, and intersection of two walls.


Generate reinforcement of a wall in a Revit model.

Interference of reinforcing bars

Examine specific elements in your Revit model for rebar interference. If no elements are selected before activating the module, it will analyze rebar interference across the entire structure model.