Discover some of the workflows and features in Naviate Site & Landscaping.

Wall Hight

Align Floor - Element Top

Align Floor - Edges

Align Floor - Curved Edges

Align to Path

Align Topo - Lines

Reset Points

Toposurface Selection

Floor - Create from Toposurface Sub Region

Floor - Create from Toposurface

Floor - Add Points - part 1

Floor - Add Points - part 2

Floor - Add Points - part 3

Floor - Add Points - part 4

Elements in Link

Import Point Files - PXY

Pattern Editor

Align Floor - Toposurface

Floor - Create from Model/Detail Lines

Floor - Create Contours

Create Contours on Floors

Delete Interior Points and Align Topo to Lines

Add Region

Floor - Slope Arrow - part 1

Floor - Slope Arrow - part 2

Cut & Fill - Element Bottom

Align Topo - Element Bottom

Delete Points

Cut & Fill - Lines & Elevation - part 1

Cut & Fill - Lines & Elevation - part 2

Cut & Fill - Lines & Elevation - part 3

Create Roads

SOSI import

Pleace Points - Lines and Elevation part 1

Place Pints - Line and Elevation part 2

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