Naviate Zero Features

Naviate Zero make smart sustainable material selections easier directly in your Revit model.


Visualize and document CO2

Get an overview of the CO2 emissions and what building elements have the most impact (stage A1 to A3; cradle to gate). See calculation results for each Type. Click the arrow in the CO2e Calculation tool to extend the dialog box to see detailed calculation results for each Type.

Export to One Click LCA

Export the project to One Click LCA to do a full LCA of the current stage of the project. When you export you are asked to sign in to One Click LCA. Register to get a free account if don’t have an account.


Define where the building is located and what building elements (Revit Categories) to include.

Select and filter elements

Select types or materials and find appropriate resources to apply. Use text search, filters, and/or automatic mapping to find the best resource. Hover over a row in the resource list to see the complete description or click in the details icon to see its properties.

Find and apply resources

Find resources (EPDs) from the One Click LCA database and assign them to building elements (Types or Materials on types) in your project.

View and compare details

Select 2 to 5 resources to view their details and compare them to use the best-suited one. All resources selected for Compare and their properties are shown in the Compare dialog box.