Hosted by Symetri

Connect and learn with our Revit and Naviate experts

Join us for our second year of Naviate User Days, this year we're visiting London, Oslo and Stockholm.

With topics like AI & Architecture, sustainability, and cutting-edge design technology converge will be shown. Engage in master classes, expert guidance, inspiring customer stories, exiting release news, and of course valuable networking opportunities.

Be inspired by customer success stories as they share how Naviate have improved their workflows and collaborations. Be first to learn the latest release news and the roadmap ahead. Connect and network with professionals in the architecture and engineering industry, fostering valuable relationships and collaborations.

Prepare to be enspired, empowered and equipped with the knowledge and workflows to thrive in your industry. It's a packed agenda, and we hope you will join us!

Welcome to Naviate User Days.

Naviate is a solution by Symetri Europe, part of Addnode Group. The development of Naviate is the responsibility of Symetri Technology Unit with the mission to secure high customer satisfaction and to ensure Symetri Technology brings outstanding customer value to all end users.

Why you should join us

This is a unique opportunity to join in on Master Classes developed to address specific topics and challenges in the industry. These sessions are curated with the goal to broaden and deepen knowledge and understanding on how you can leverage Naviate and related technology platforms in your different processes and workflows. In smaller groups with our product experts, you can unleash the full potential of your projects.

You will have the opportunity to engage in discussions with our team of dedicated product specialists, tailored specifically to your discipline. With Product specialists from many of the industries we are represended in, including Architecture, Structure, Electrical, HVAC, Site and Landscaping, Daylight, BIMFire and our new product Naviate Zero. This is your chance to get a demo of features or dive into best practices.

Building upon the successful concept of collaboration, these sessions will provide an invaluable platform for us to gather, share insights, and engage in discussions surrounding Naviate. With feedback and inspiration from our ideation portal and the event, our objective is to enhance Naviate's offerings and deliver value back to you. During the event we will conduct meetings for Architecture, Structure, Site & Landscaping, Electrical and MEP.

Product experts you will meet

Hans Zandhoff

Global Naviate Technology Manager, Structure

Naviate Structure, Naviate Rebar, Naviate Accelerate

Bettool Jabur

Global Naviate Technology Manager, Architecture

Naviate Accelerate, Naviate Architecture

Nikolina Nastic

Naviate Product Owner, Structure

Naviate Structure, Naviate Rebar

Mehmed Hodzic

  Naviate Product Owner, Architceture

Naviate Architecture, Naviate Site & Landscaping, Naviate Daylight, Naviate Landuse

Patric Bryntesson

Senior Consultant at Symetri, Structural Engineer at Skanska, Symetri Sweden.

Naviate Structure, Naviate Rebar, Naviate Accelerate

Niklas Strannefors

 Senior Consultant, Head of Digital Design, Symetri Sweden

Naviate Bimfire 

Ola Walvenius

  Senior Consultant and Project Lead, Symetri Sweden

Naviate Architecture, Naviate Accelerate, Naviate Zero and One Click LCA

Matthijs Lotter Homan

Senior Consultant and Product Specialist, Symetri Norway

Naviate Architecture, Naviate Site & Landscaping, Naviate Accelerate and Naviate Daylight

Bogdan Benta

Senior Consultant and Product Specialist, Symetri Norway

Naviate Structure, Naviate Rebar and Naviate Accelerate

Bo Noren

Product Owner, Naviate for Revit overall

All Naviate for Revit products, Naviate Nexus - Classification and Naviate Zero

Edward LaRiviere

Global Product Manager for MEP and Fabrication, Symetri US

Naviate MEP, Naviate FAB, Naviate Electrical and Naviate HVAC

Eirik Yndesdal

 Senior Consultant and Product Specialist, Symetri Norway

Naviate Electrical, Naviate Accelerate 

Claus Vemgaard

 Application Engineer, Symetri Sweden

Naviate Cloud Manager, Autodesk Construction Cloud and BIM 360


Thomas Nyrud

 Senior Consultant, Symetri Norway

Naviate SimpleBIM, Naviate HVAC & Plumbing, Solibri, ÅpenBIM, One Click LCA

Kamilla Knudsen

 Senior Consultant, Symetri Norway

Naviate Landuse, One Click LCA

Roger Feste

 Senior Consultant, Symetri Norway

One Click LCA

Contact information

Jan Tore Bugge, Naviate Global Product Manager
Jan Tore Bugge, Naviate Global Product Manager

Jan Tore Bugge is the Product Manager of Naviate for Revit and Cloud.


Anette Wang, Naviate Global Marketing Manager
Anette Wang, Naviate Global Marketing Manager

Anette Wang is the Marketing Manager of Naviate