Release news Naviate Cloud Solutions

Naviate Cloud Manager 2.10

Updates in Naviate Cloud. Highlights includes context aware help, user guide glossary, acces-level based security.

Changes is available in version 2.10

Cloud Manager re-branding

As part of the Microdesk/Symetri merger, BIMrx Cloud Manager has now become Naviate Cloud Manager. This version replaces the BIMrx brand name, logo and colors with those of the Naviate brand. The Naviate-branded Cloud Manager has, in fact, been appearing in User Guide screen shots for some time now.

Revised and Streamlined Email

  • Naviate Cloud Manager now utilizes SendGrid internally for sending notification emails. This requires less setup and configuration by the user and their IT staff.
  • The Email Configuration settings dialog box has been revised, reflecting the reduced number of fields now required for sending emails.
  • Email Configuration settings are now created automatically the first time the user runs the program. These settings may be left as is and the system will send emails without any further intervention. They can also be edited to reflect the internal requirements of the user's company.
  • Email Configuration data is now stored in the Agent config file and can only be changed by editing it from there.

Introduction of Context Aware Help

  • Right-clicking most places in the system brings up a Help Menu. Selecting an item from the Help Menu opens the User Guide and navigates directly to the selected topic.
  • Context Help Availability Indicator always shows when Help is available at the current cursor location.
  • Help menu has as many items, sub-menus and sub-menu items to allow direct, one-click navigation to the desired location.

Introduction of User Guide Glossary

  • New User Guide Glossary contains definitions of common terms as used by Autodesk and the AEC Industry.
  • Links to Glossary items will be added to Context Help as appropriate.

64-bit Processing Throughout

  • Standardization on 64-bit processing throughout application.
  • Provides improved performance and support for larger file sizes.

Implementation of access-level based security

  • Creation of new projects.
  • Access to hub and project member information and changes according to the following rules on a per-user basis:
    • Account Admin access shows all projects for the current hub.
    • Project Admin access shows only those individual hub projects for which Project Admin access has been granted.

Masked Passwords on Data Entry Screens

  • Masks passwords from plain view on data entry screens in several locations.
  • Provide a button for each of these fields which, when pressed, displays the password value.

BIM 360/Autodesk Construction Cloud Project Awareness and Display

  • When displaying projects, Naviate Cloud Manager now displays the appropriate logo for either BIM 360 and ACC.
  • Provides support for the ACC For the Field top level folder.

Autodesk S3 Upload/Download Support

  • Autodesk has made internal changes to improve the speed of uploads and downloads to BIM 360. This release supports these new S3 upload/download internal APIs to take advantage of the improved upload and download speed. Download an Empty Project Template Spreadsheet
  • When preparing a new Project Template Spreadsheet, Naviate Cloud Manager now provides an empty template from the Projects window.
  • To get a new template, simply press the button and save to the selected location using the name assigned by the user.

Download an Empty Project Template Spreadsheet

  • Provides an empty Project Template Spreadsheet by pressing a button on the main Projects module screen.
    Makes it quick and easy to create a new template whenever it is necessary.

Enhanced filters to select Hub and Project Members

  • Naviate Cloud Manager now provides member filters when working with Projects. These include the Member Name/Email text filter (see following); the Email dropdown list filter; and the new Role filter (see below). These filters are used for both both Single- and Multi-Select projects.
  • The Member Name text filter has been enhanced to filter both the Member Name and Email address. As before, the filter is either full or partial text. Now, however, it is applied within the Member Name and/or Email address. For example, a single filter entry could produce a hit on one Member's name while also selecting a different Member's Email address.
  • A Project Filter has been added to the filters available for selecting Hub Members. This new filter consists of a dropdown list containing all projects for the current Hub. Selecting a project from this dropdown list filters all Hub Members to include only those belonging to the selected project. This new feature makes it easy to select all members for a specific project then assign them to one or more additional projects.
  • A Role Filter has also been added to the filters available for selecting both Hub and Project Members. This new filter consists of a dropdown list containing all roles for the current Hub. Selecting a role from this dropdown list filters all Hub or Project Members to include only those belonging to the selected role.

Add Hub Members

  • Naviate Cloud Manager now supports adding new members to the hub.
  • The only information required is an email address for each new member, along with a default company and role that are easily selected from dropdown lists on the dialog window entry screen.
  • Multiple new members can be added at once. The new member email list can even be copied and pasted onto the data entry screen.

Set/Update Hub Members default Company

  • When working with Hub Members, Naviate Cloud Manager now supports setting the Default Company for the first time or changing it to a different company.
  • This can be done for any number of selected Hub Members.

Jobs Export support for Revit 2023

  • Revit 2023 support has been added for DWG, NWC and PDF Export type Jobs.

Jobs Color Selection for Export PDF

  • When defining a Export PDF-type Job, the user can now select the color depth type to be used--Blacklines, Grayscale or Color.
  • A fourth choice is Auto-Detect. In this case, Naviate Cloud Manager will use the CM_PrintSettings stored with the Revit model.

Jobs Token Refresh Job Status Indicators

  • Each Token Refresh Job now displays icons and a status message indicating the Token Refresh Job refresh token current state.
  • Include a separate indicator stating the Token Refresh Job needs to be refreshed to determine initial state.

Jobs Provides Control over Server Location Refresh Type initial setting

  • A new configuration setting has been added to provide the user control over the Server Location Refresh Type initial setting.
  • This allows the system to automatically do a local refresh, for example, when first entering the Jobs module.

Browse Projects Force Publish if No Syncs Since Last Publish

  • This allows updated linked models to be included in a publish when no syncs were made on the main file since the last publish.
  • Provides display of updates to linked models even if no sync has been done on the main model since the last publish.

Browse module: enhanced help and workflow for upload of folders and files to BIM 360

  • Initial dialog window now explains what is being done, why, and how the user controls it by selecting from the available options.
  • A new confirmation dialog window now appears after the update has been performed, that also provides direct navigation to the Files module.

Files module: enhanced user experience for preparation and upload of folders and files to BIM 360

  • A new button on the Files Local Files / Upload to BIM 360 project display tree-view has been added to bring up the MS Windows Files Explorer for the currently selected project.
  • Updated tool tip wording on button that initiates the upload process to be more explanatory.