Release news Naviate for Revit

Naviate Electrical April Release 2024.4.1

Release notes for Naviate Electrical. Highlights include update on Data Synch.

Data synch

Bridging Detail Items and Families: The new Data Sync feature in Naviate Electrical for Revit introduces a powerful capability to establish and maintain a synchronized relationship between Detail Items and Families. This innovation ensures that their parameters remain in harmony, offering a seamless integration that supports consistent data management across projects.


  • Unified Data Management: Ensures that changes to either Detail Items or Families are automatically reflected across both, maintaining consistency, and reducing manual updates.
  • Flexibility Across Disciplines: With its cross-discipline applicability, Data Sync facilitates a cohesive workflow among different project teams, ensuring that everyone works with the most current and accurate information.

The introduction of Data Sync to Naviate Electrical for Revit marks a significant step forward in collaborative design and fabrication workflows, offering a robust solution for synchronized data management.