Release news Naviate for Civil 3D

Naviate for Civil 3D 2023.3 release

Naviate for Civil 3D is now available with 2023.3 version for Autodesk Civil 3D 2023 platform. New commands like Check for Duplicate Service Connection Points and Match Line.

Naviate for Civil 3D 2023.3 release

Changes are available in 2023.3

New! Check for Duplicate Service Connection Points

Checks the entire drawing for service connection points with duplicate connections.

New! NVMinMaxSurfaceNoDia and NVPasteSurface

These are scriptable commands that can be used script combined trenches.

New! Match Line

Can create match lines between View Frames with labels showing the view frame names and optional individual hatches.

New! Add selection to schedules

Can be run to add more objects to an existing schedule table.

Line Styles

Updated with options Auto-Add Hatches and Auto-Add Property Set to automatically add hatches or property sets when a line is created.

Service Pipe

Updated to warn for duplicate connections when either Dynamic Update or the Update command is used. Connect to Connection Point has been updated to ask whether to keep duplicate connections of replace the existing connection.

If the service pipe is connected to a structure and a pipe, and the service pipe is set to Hold Slope then the connected pipe is updated with maintained drop.

Set Slope

Updated to have the option to use Cover. When Cover and Slope are used in combination, then the pipes are set to the correct slope first, then min cover is checked and if min cover is violated then the slope is increased.

Set Slope is also updated with the options to Update Service Pipes directly.

Markings Report

Added new columns for the markings report for Add Gap, Total Length and Painted Length.


  • Fixed an issue where the drop-down in Naviate License Log-in is visible too short time to be selected. Note that the issue is solved by not showing Coordinates on the Status bar. If Coordinates are shown, the drop down doesn’t work. A new variable, NVCoordinates, can turn off coordinates at close down.
  • Fixed an issue where on some computer Naviate logged out of the license service when the computer goes into sleep.
  • Fixed an issue where Object Explorer slowed down the drawing when a service pipe is created.
  • Fixed an issue where changing the sign size on a rotated SignHolder gives the wrong new elevation for the sign.
  • Fixed an issue where Line Markings didn’t work on Auto-corridor Featurelines
  • Fixed an issue where Cross Markings didn’t use the color settings for the 3D view
  • Fixed an issue where markings report showed the label formula instead of the label result

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