Release news Naviate for Revit

Naviate Landuse October Release 2024.2.1

Updates in Landuse. Highlights include improvements to SOSI Export, Plan Data, RydLinjer and HensynSone.

SOSI Export

We have made the following improvement:

  • Fixed issues with invalid data exported to SOSI.

Note: Several errors are present in SOSIVis validation software when validating the SOSI files exported. We have fixed the SOSI export issues according to SOSI requirements, providing you with valid SOSI files!

  • Added missing Filled Region data to export

SOSI Export was missing data about Filled Region SOSI Code and Area. We have added the data to the export, providing correct and complete data about Filled Regions.

  • Renamed "Kortnavn" parameter to "Feltnavn" and made it editable

We have provided you with the possibility to define the “Feltnavn” for each Area.

Plan Data

Added missing data for Oslo municipality. Now you can generate Plan Data for projects located in Oslo.

RydLinjer (old FjernOverlap)

Added report functionality to identify overlapping lines which were cleaned by the tool. Now you can see which modifications have been made to lines and zoom to the lines in the active view.


Added functionality to automatically tag filled regions after creation. Now all Filled Regions created by our tool are automatically tagged and the tag data is exported to SOSI.


  • Planens Begrensning: Fixed issue with generating plan boundaries on complex area plans