Naviate for Revit

Naviate Rebar April Release 2024.4.1

Release news for Naviate Rebar. Highlights includes the new Color Rebar based on selected parameter and its values.

New! Color Rebar

Use Color Rebar to efficiently visualize and manage rebar elements according to your project requirements. Choose any rebar parameter (type or instance) and parameter values will be shown with distinct colors assigned.

The main features of Color Rebar are:

  • You can change assigned colors to different parameter values to any other color from the color palette.
  • Choose to Override Projection or Cut Lines using a radio button, allowing you to customize the presentation.
  • Select the option to Show Elements in Properties, providing quick access to relevant information as you work.
  • You can choose to Keep color overrides when exiting the tool or discard any changes made.
  • Add Revit view filters in the current view for the chosen parameter and its values.
  • Save your customized settings for future use.

Example of rebar elements colored by Type Name values:

Note! If you make changes in a view while the tool is still open use the Refresh button to update the parameter value list.


  • Foundation: Fixed the issue with generating reinforcement for the rotated single foundation.
  • All tools from "Create panel": Sorted Bar type list numerically and alphabetically.