Release news Naviate for Revit

Naviate Rebar October Release 2023.1.7

Release notes for Naviate Rebar. Highlights include the new feature Divide Rebar.

New! Divide Rebar

Divides straight reinforcement based on defined criteria, such as maximum length or a specific number of splits, overlapping (lapping) or non-overlapping bars.

The feature is modeless (floating dialog) and it can be easily used within any view. Simply choose a rebar set or a single straight rebar element and divide it according to the configurations set within the feature.

The main features are:

  • You can divide rebar elements (rebar sets and single rebar) according to the number of splits. Define the number of splits/segments and the feature will divide the reinforcement into the exact number of segments with all the same length.
  • Eather, you can divide rebars according to max length (stock length). Define the Maximum Length and the feature will divide the reinforcement to accomplish max length.
  • You can pick the starting point/end of the rebar to indicate where to start the dividing process.
  • You can define how to treat reinforcement segments after the divide, no connection between divided segments, divide with overlap, divide with overlap and stagger.
  • To divide the rebar with overlap, you should define the overlap factor, which is multiplied by the bar diameter for the final calculation of overlap length.
  • To avoid having all overlaps in a specific location, you can enable the "stagger" option. Overlaps will be spread out based on the specified Stagger Offset (A) value.
  • You can either preselect reinforcement to divide or activate the picking mode and divide the rebar directly.

Divide the rebar set into equal-length segments (defined by Number of Segments). After the divide, segments overlap according to the defined lap length (Overlap):

Divide the rebar set based on Maximum Length. Following the division, rebar elements will overlap according to the specified Overlap/lap length, with a staggered lap (defined by Stagger offset):

Note! When dividing a rebar, the original rebar is replaced with the copy. All properties from the original bar are kept in newly created bars.


  • Column: Fixed issue when generating reinforcement on columns with small geometric irregularities.