Release news Naviate for Cloud solutions

Naviate Simple BIM 10.0.6 and 10.0.7

Updates in Simple BIM. Highlights includes Enhancements and Fixes.



  • Excel Export: option added for exporting IFC metadata to Excel. Adds new rows below the property name with the property set, IFC property name and the data type.

  • Localization: major improvement of French and Spanish translations.

  • Bimsheet: configuration now shows what type of content a widget displays.



  • Table palette: bug fixed in exporting all tabs to Excel. Was exporting all data, but all data was on the same worksheet.

  • Objects palette: bug fixed in displaying groups in deep group category hierarchies.

  • Properties palette: bug fixed in editing Yes/No values in localized versions.

  • Bimsheet: Bimsheet was not reloaded properly after Model Merge.


  • Excel Export: functionality was broken in Simplebim 10.0 SR6 and is restored again.

  • Templates: bug fixed in generating groups for object classes where the object class has the same predefined type as the object class name, for example IfcBeam and .BEAM.

  • Table Palette: bug fixed in exporting sheets with ad-hoc content to Excel when the ‘Persist Ad-hoc Rows’ setting was not on.

  • Templates: bug fixed in reading numeric values with decimals when dot is used the thousands separator in Windows regional settings.