Release news Naviate for Revit

Naviate Structure April Release 2024.4.1

Updates in Structure. Highlights include new feature Auto Dimension for placing dimensions to the nearest grid intersection for off-grid elements like columns, foundations, isolated foundations, beams, walls, openings.

New! Auto Dimension

You can now easily dimension structural elements that are placed off the grid. Use the Auto Dimension tool to automatically add one or two dimensions to the nearest grid intersection.

The main features of Auto Dimension are:

  • Use any linear dimension type available in your project.
  • Configure to dimension to the element center or edge of the element
  • Define tag offset in the left-right and top-bottom direction to meet your specific annotation requirements.
  • Choose to keep existing dimensions and dimension only new elements (not-dimensioned elements).
  • Add dimensions to all elements in the view or only to selected elements.

Elements dimensioned to the center of the element and nearest grid:


Elements dimensioned to the edge with offset of the element and nearest grid:

XML Export in Configure Rebar Numbering

Export data from Conf. Rebar Numbering to XML file (only Swedish country standard).
We have added a new export format in Conf. Rebar Numbering, now you can customize and export data from Rebar Numbering to an XML file.
In Rebar Numbering Export Configuration, you can choose from Project parameters or User Data to be used by XML tags:

 Once you have configured XML tags to align with your project requirements, run Export and choose to Generate XML:

Configure Rebar Numbering

Added warning for rebar with mismatching hooks (only Swedish country standard).
Now in Conf. Rebar Numbering dialog you'll receive a warning if the rebar shape has mismatching hooks assigned. For example, if rebar is created as shape ALL and M hooks are assigned, in Conf. Rebar Numbering data grid hooks are marked as red/mismatching:

BVBS Code Generation

Generate BVBS code for rebar with couplers and each BVBS code line is now ending with @CRLF.

We have improved BVBS code generation to be able to create BVBVS code for rebar with end treatment (rebar coupler). BVBS code for rebar with coupler is generated without additional code that refers to the coupler.

To follow the BVBS guidelines :“the set of data terminated with CRLF”, we have improved the BVBS code generation process to ensure that each line is terminated with CRLF (Carriage Return Line Feed).


  • BVBS Code generation/update: Fixed the issue with reporting geometry of bars where the Model bar diameter is different from the Bar diameter.
  • Revit shortcuts for 2D Reinforcement: Now you can assign Revit shortcuts for 2D Reinforcement tools.