Naviate Revit webinar series

Meet our experts. Create door and window drawings in your project with Naviate Architecture

Create door and window drawings with Naviate Architecture pt. 2


In this webinar we take a look at the following topics:

Create drawings by using door/window drawings by legend; a solution for creating drawing set (views and sheets) by using legend views.

  • Create door/window views, schedules, and define element properties
  • Create sheets with a defined layout
  • Keep track of changes on door/windows

Create drawings by using new door/window drawings solution; improved drawing sets (views and sheets) and added possibility to update existing drawings and keep track of changes.


  • Configure the scope of your drawings and create settings for various drawing sets (exterior, interior, steel, single, double doors/windows)
  • Recreate, update, or delete existing views and sheets associated with the saved drawings
  • Keep track of new or deleted doors/windows
  • Keep track of unwanted changes on views and sheets
  • Define the look and feel of the door/window views
  • Define the wanted sheet layout
  • Make use of the responsive user interface - providing relevant information related to the drawings


Jan Tore and Hans will be your facilitators for this webinar

Jan Tore Bugge
Jan Tore Bugge

Jan Tore Bugge is the Product Manager of Naviate for Revit. Jan Tore has many years experience from the computer tech industry within the AEC field. With a passion for helping people implement better workflows and methodology for a quality outcome, he will write on the Naviate blog to share his experience and thoughts.

Mehmed Hodzic
Mehmed Hodzic

Mehmed Hodzic is our Product Owner on our Naviate applications, Architceture, Site & Landscaping and Daylight for Symetri Tech. Mehmed is a experienced architect, with an extensive background and knowledge in BIM software technologies and principles. His greatest motivation is the fact that "data-driven" BIM procedures can vastly improve our quality of life within all layers of our lives and I want to be part of that and share that knowledge with others.