Naviate Revit webinar series

Streamlining the Modeling of Architectural Elements with Naviate Architecture

Streamline the modeling of Architectural elements with ease! Having to select elements within Revit alone can be frustrating, but with Naviate you can select these elements based on rules and filters to streamline your workflows. Wouldn’t it be a dream to complete your model drawings in days instead of weeks?


In this webinar we take a look at the following topics:

  • Easily place families from a network/local folder and align families in a variety of ways
  • Create finish floors, ceilings, and walls based on room geometry
  • Manage curtain grid layouts and designs
  • Model sloped roofs with ease and precision


Jan Tore and Hans will be your facilitators for this webinar

Shir Erlich
Shir Erlich

Shir Erlich is the Naviate Accelerate Product Owner. Her previous role at Microdesk as an architectural consultant, where she specialized in BIM implementation and dynamo automation, provided the experiences to develop solutions to solve the inefficiencies in Revit. She now works with the Symetri Global Technology Unit on Naviate and works with firms globally to streamline processes in Revit, the Autodesk Construction Cloud, and much more.