Naviate Revit webinar series

What's new in Naviate Accelerate

In the latest Naviate Accelerate release we included 14 new features and many updates. In this webinar, our product expert on Naviate Accelerate, Shir Erlich, walks us through all the changes and use cases for how to take advantage of them.


This is a recorded webinar held May 4th 2023.

Naviate Accelerate offer features and solutions to enhance your BIM workflow. It can be used on top of your Revit, and is not industry specific. In the latest release, 14 new features was implemented. In this webinar you can see a demo and use cases on how they can assist in your Revit.

  • 00:01 Introduction
  • 04:00 New features for families; Move to Nearest and Parameter Transfer
  • 08:56 New features for data management; Find and Replace, Sum Parameters and Advanced Parameter Manager
  • 17:40 New features for sheets and views; Section from Element, Tag Settings, Tag Select, Tag All and Dimension Grids
  • 27:30 New features for print, export and import; Print Set Manager, Imprint and Create Table
  • 34:17 Improvements to existing features; Quick Filter Elements, Combine Parameter Values, Align Tags, Text and Dimensions, Align to Path, Project Cleanup
  • 46:16 Closure


Shir Erlich
Shir Erlich

Shir Erlich is the Naviate Accelerate Product Owner. Her previous role at Microdesk as an architectural consultant, where she specialized in BIM implementation and dynamo automation, provided the experiences to develop solutions to solve the inefficiencies in Revit. She now works with the Symetri Global Technology Unit on Naviate and works with firms globally to streamline processes in Revit, the Autodesk Construction Cloud, and much more.

Jan Tore Bugge
Jan Tore Bugge

Jan Tore Bugge is the Product Manager of Naviate for Revit. Jan Tore has many years experience from the computer tech industry within the AEC field. With a passion for helping people implement better workflows and methodology for a quality outcome, he will write on the Naviate blog to share his experience and thoughts.