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Naviate Site & Landscaping March Release 2023.1.4

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Using Cut & Fill and Slope Markings in Naviate for Revit Site & Landscaping

18 January 2023

As a landscape architect, you know that the world isn't made up of straight lines: it’s full of curves and dips and degrees.  Today we’re going to show you how Naviate Site & Landscaping helps you expand the capabilities of Revit. With these features, you can adapt your model to your site’s topography, then adjust and automatically recalculate the land. From there, you can create detailed instructions and projections — including elevations, volumes, and slope marks — to pass on to the rest of your team when it’s time to build. And the system makes the calculations for you automatically.Here's an example of a before and after Cut & Fill has been used. Try it for yourself: download a free trial of Naviate Site & Landscaping today.  Once you have Naviate Site & Landscaping installed, here’s what you do: 

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Make your Naviate for Revit work smarter with pre-configuration

04 November 2022

By preconfiguring functions in Naviate already in your template, you can save a lot of time for yourself and your colleagues. In this example, we will set up a configuration for Naviate Publish in the Revit template. So that anyone who uses the template for a new project can get started right away with publish.

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