Release news Naviate for Revit

Naviate Architecture December Release 2023.1.3

Updates in Naviate Architecture. Highlights include Split Floor.

Naviate Architecture December Release 2023.1.3

Changes is available in version 2023.1.3

Split Floor

Split Floor or Slab using line(s) and keep openings, slab edges, rebar, tags, dimensions, and internal points.

We have made the following improvements

  • You can split a slab or floor using one line or a chain of lines (lines, arcs, splines).
    • Select either Detail or Model lines.
    • You only need to select one of the lines in a chain.
    • The chain can be open or closed but not intersect itself.
    • The line or chain of lines can only intersect the boundary of the floor or slab at two points or be completely inside the boundary.

  • The original floor or slab will be copied and modify the original and the copy to keep as much information from the original element as possible.
  • Openings are kept when splitting. All kind of openings except “Model in Place” are supported.

  • You can split a floor or slab with slab edges and the tool keeps the slab edges on the original boundaries/edges.
  • You can split a floor or slab that contains rebar. After the split, rebar will be rehosted to the floor/slab it is inside. Tip: Split rebar crossing the split line before splitting the floor or slab.
  • Tags are kept on the original floor or slab after splitting. If tags get deleted after splitting, you will be informed about which tags were affected and what view and sheet they belonged to.
  • Dimensions are kept on original slab or floor after splitting. If dimensions are changed or deleted, you will get informed about which dimensions were affected and what view and sheet they belonged to.

  • You can split floors and slabs with sub elements. The tool will keep internal points and lines after splitting and add additional points on new border lines if needed.

Start the tool by clicking the Split Floor button in the Naviate Site & Landscaping ribbon and pick the Floor or Slab to split, then pick one model or detail line.


  • Revit Cloud Worksharing: Fix to use Cloud Collaboration tools in Revit 2023.1 Update 1 (or later). Note! Uninstall all Naviate applications (including Help and Accelerate) except Architecture and then apply this update OR uninstall all Naviate applications and install 2023.1.3 version to solve the problem.
  • Door/Window Area: Fixed issue with wrong values sometimes being saved on Doors and Walls
  • Pattern Editor: Fixed issue when editing Patterns
  • Door/Window Area: Fix to support using non-English Revit language
  • Wall Area: Fix to support using non-English Revit language
  • Wall Perimeter: Wall Perimeter